Invest in trading212

I have a trading account in trading212.

I would like to invest in trading212 company. I believe the company has good growth coming. How can I do it?


We are not a publicly traded company… yet. :bulb:


I like the yet. I am aware that you are not a publicly traded company.

I am looking for investment options before you become a publicly traded company. Please let me know.

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To be fair I agree, the last 2 years the changes 212 have made are really competitive vs their peers, and the latest β€˜bank card’ I would have thought was an April fools if slightly later in the year. I’m still looking for a catch but it is really competitive (please dont take this as a reason to increase fees :sweat_smile:).

The only suggestion I would say, is there are still a lot of people that dont understand investing / bank account differences, 212 need to be careful on behalf of customers who they onboard. Its not a 212 issue, its an educational issue that should be part of the curriculum I would say to educate people to manage their wealth.


Agree entirely that people do not understand investing then leave negative comments when the value of their investment falls. You see this regularly on all platforms.