3x Apple ETF IE buy / sell discrepency


Apologies if this is a newbie question but I’ve never seen this in the 6 months I’ve been on T212. (Although admittedly I’ve only starte dabbling with leveraged funds recently)

At the moment, the buy price of 1 unit of the 3AAP fund matches the graph price (~£42). The sell price is ~£37 which doesn’t match the graph by a large margin.

Any ideas what that might be? It can’t be currency conversion rates as that would effect both buy and sell price.

I have noticed this fund seems to ‘lag’ a bit when it comes to updates (in line with the underlying Apple share price) but since it’s Labour day in America and the markets are closed, I’d have assumed that wouldn’t matter and I can’t see it causing what I’m seeing.


Aaaaannnddd checking again, it’s resolved itself.

Still, a scary occurence when it was out by a fiver a unit. That was a BIG red scary loss number for a second!

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I guess it was around this time when there were zero quotes whatsoever (grey dashed line in pic). The spread tends to go a bit crazy when there’s no activity on the stock. I’m not an expert so I don’t know why exactly this happens to the spread. Just something to keep in mind next time there’s such a big difference in buy and sell.


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