New emissions / ipos

Hi everybody… just talked to the t212 support and very sad to hear, there is no possibility to sign new shares / ipos BEFORE they are officially traded on market. as i know good brokers of course provide this service, i would like to know and ask for a feedback if there are more members here that would like to have a service like this in here ??? you know, most new emissions raise a lot directly after starting… when the shares are listed in here … sometimes after many days… there is no more win possible because they are already oversigned…
maybe there is a chance to include something like this if enough users/members here would love that idea.
thanks to all and good luck…

@HarryB What brokers provide this servce?

The first ones who can buy IPOs is banks, hedge funds, institutional investors, then we.
T212 added IPO stocks on the same day such as ABNB and DASH (wasn’t interested in others, so haven’t noticed.)

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yes i checked in net, like deividas said, there is banks like ing diba, consult or others …but i also read there is brokers like freedom24 … not sure if thats true , im not signed in there… but finally its not a service thats impossible… and interesting very often… if you take the list of the last 20 new emissions, 90% of them raised after the start… and when its available on t212 its already so expensive, that its no more interesting, and the win goes to those that had been able to sign before market starts trading. and many intersting new emissions/ipos like example “mytheresa” in nasdaq arent event listed in t212 after 3 days… and 39% raise went…as always… to others… :frowning: