Request for two other stocks

Good day, i want to ask you to add this two stocks pls:
Devro plc (DVO.L) -
Rubis (RUI.PA) -

Thank you very much

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Someone’s been watching Sven :grin:

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Hey, @luciancostaiche. We’ve added Devro plc (DVO) and Rubis (RUI). Enjoy!

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Hey, i would like to ask for you to add couple of etfs.
QYLD : ISIN - US37954Y4834.
RYLD : ISIN - US37954Y4594.
XYLD : ISIN - US37954Y4750.

Those are US issued. They cannot be sold in EU/UK.

Try to look up if they have a UCIT version, these can be added.


So why did i just bought it on freedom24? And clearly interactive brokers also has them.

What can I say? Non UCITS ETFs are not allowed to be sold to retail traders in EU and UK.

Maybe IBKR offered you a CFD of the ETF, like eToro does to circumvent the law. Maybe you’re just saying you bought them, when you only see them listed (which on IBKR doesn’t mean you can actually buy them!)

I don’t know. But I do know, they will not be listed here, plain and simple. I also happen to know that no covered call ETF has submitted the documents for UCITS qualification.

EDIT: from my IBKR account, where I can see the product but not trade it.

The “Request Permission to Trade” will require you to prove you are an institutional investor or EU equivalent of accredited investor.


This talk has a Deja Vu taste. :sunglasses:

We should have a countdown to see the time between US-domicilied ETFs requests (and the 1 million repeated answers saying that Europe doesn’t allow US-domicilied ETFs for retail investors).


It just goes to show the lack of education for retail investors.

That said, why is there not a common standard nowadays that would allow a fund to be marketed almost anywhere?

We can buy US stocks, why not a US etf that holds US stocks. It is a little dated to be fair.

Similarly the cost to sell funds across Europe, platform marketing costs and so on are borderline ridiculous imo.

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It really boils down to different investor protection regulations. Issuing a fund for EU retail will require a EU listing and some compliance documents; as well as certain form of investments to be forbidden (and I do believe covered ca strategies are simply not permitted in a retail ETF).

In general, EU/UK compliances are tougher than US, although the EU* or even CAN have no problems listing BTC/crypto ETPs/ETFs, while the US still forbids those.

But in truth, for most US funds unavailable here, it’s only a matter of submitting an extra set of documents for the EU, and having a primary listing here, which is a tedious process; all the while most investment firms in the US heavily underestimate the EU retail sector.

*Edit: nvm, forgot the EU actually forbade cryptos derivatives a year back or so. Not sure about UK’s status on those since Brexit, if i recall they were more open to it?


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It was the opposite, it was UK FCA that forbade crypto derivatives and ETNs (ETPs). T212 had BTCE before the FCA decision, but now only in close-mode (in T212 UK).

Europe is allowing cryptos ETPs, there are dozens of crypto ETPs in European stock exchanges. (Very few GBP/GBX denominated crypto ETPs due to the FCA decision. Mostly USD and EUR and some CHF crypto ETPs.)