New feature - Annual statement export

:wave: Hello everyone,

Annual statements can now be generated and exported from your Trading 212 account :yum:

Check this article for more info.


This will be useful for Tax reporting, good job guys.


Legends! Thank you! :pray:


Fair play, T212’s team bangs out features like there’s no tomorrow.


Is there a plan to generate it from the web app ?
Because I don’t see it currently in the Documents section.

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I can’t see on my ios app. I am on EU platform


And it’s only April :man_shrugging:

@Bibi - we’re gradually rolling the feature out for the web app as well. It’ll be available soon.

@einesruoka, you should see it with the upcoming update, which will be released soon :white_check_mark:


@B.E I am on the latest version from Google Play and don’t see Annual statement in Statements tab.


Same here, I can only see the “cost a charges” statements. No “annual statements” unfortunately. IOS App version 5.157.0.

Edit: sorry, I misread B.E.'s about the upcoming update. Will be patient :white_check_mark:

Is the annual statement based on tax year or calendar year?

It is based on the tax year, in accordance with how each county defines “tax year”.

Then is the tax year based on everyone’s reporting country? :grimacing:
My tax year is a calendar year. :person_shrugging:


“Tax year” for which country? According to the fiscal residence of each T212 customer?

My tax year it’s the normal western “calendar year”, 01.01 to 31.12.

And my country’s tax authorities uses the FIFO accounting method, as in most EU countries (if not all), not the average price like the UK.

That’s right. I edited my original comment so it can be clearer :v:


After an update on Android, I confirm I can see the option in the app :slight_smile:

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I have checked the annual statement and it looks great, thanks! Exactly what I needed.

@B.E However, there is one thing important thing missing on it. The statement only states the account value on 31.12.22. For tax purposes here in The Netherlands we need to have the value on 01.01.22. May I suggest that you add the value for the beginning of the tax year to the statement and show both on the overview page? That is how all of my other broker and bank accounts over here do it and would make your statement perfect.

P.S. The statement only shows and downloads correctly on the desktop version. The IOS app now does show, but only the first 2 pages and a quarter or so of the third. The rest is missing/cut off. Also the PDF-download from the app is corrupt and therefore cannot be opened by me. Desktop version is fine!

Can’t you get the statement from 2021? Markets are closed on Jan 1st, account value on 31/12 is the same as 01/01 :person_shrugging:

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Thanks for your help. The statement of 2021 is not available, but that was not why I made the suggestion. I already sorted my taxes for 2022 and already found the value I needed somewhere else :+1:.

I made the suggestion because adding the account value of the beginning of the year would be a major improvement to the document in general.

It is the norm here in The Netherlands to have the “starting” account value on the annual statement, because that is the one we use for our income/wealth taxes for that year.

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Yeah I’m in NL too. Been using value from 31/12, or even a couple days off depending on availability of different platforms.
If belastingdienst wanna fight me over a few cents difference in taxes, it’s all fine by me :person_shrugging:

Thank you for the suggestion, @HRD. We’ll take it into consideration. :v:

However, @Zergui is right - for the time being, an alternative could be to use the tax statement from 2021, as it contains the required information. We can send it to you via email.

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