New feature - Export your investing history

The average cost should be the sum of all the money paid for a stock, divided by the total shares purchased.

It becomes more difficult when you sell a security and that is probably why the spreadsheet looks complicated to you.

You need to maintain the running balance each day and then if you had 100 shares at 100, and sell 20, then you are left with 80 shares at 80, even if you sold them at a price of £2 or whatever.

I find something about this problematic. I’ve always thought that the average cost per share should go up if you sell some shares at a loss.

If I buy 100 shares at £2 each, then my investment is £200 and my average cost per share is £2.
If I then sell 20 shares for £1, I am left with 80 shares and a net investment of £180. Which should surely mean my average cost per share is now £2.25. What am I missing?

Well myself I have used:

N of shares
Price per shares

I have made the total of shares, then I took the price per shares and done an avg on the price per share, this should give me my avg cost since it is the price per share itself. So I am not sure how T212 is doing it.

You get different methods -


I use AVerage COst, but for all 3 in your scenario work out the same.

Even though you sold 20 shares for a quid, all you have done is realise a loss of £20, the other shares you still hold, still cost you £2 each, they didn’t become more expensive as the price you paid was the price at the time.


That only works if you bought shares in equal quantities and did not sell.

Yes that’s the way I would do but I can’t get the one I see on the app

If you wouldn’t mind, if you could share trade history for that one stock and what the current figure is, we could work between them. That way would have something to backup, if for whatever reason the numbers in the app were wrong.

Time ISIN Ticker Name No. of shares Price / share Currency (Price / share) Exchange rate Result (EUR) Total (EUR)
25/09/2020 13:34 US88579Y1010 MMM 3M 1.0938659 159.52 USD 1.16329 150
04/11/2020 14:56 US88579Y1010 MMM 3M 0.0031852 161.65 USD 1.1704 0.44
18/11/2020 15:32 US88579Y1010 MMM 3M 0.0061542 173.57 USD 1.18696 0.9
24/11/2020 14:35 US88579Y1010 MMM 3M 0.0035677 176.02 USD 1.18496 0.53
30/11/2020 14:40 US88579Y1010 MMM 3M 1.7093364 175.43 USD 1.19938 250.02
15/12/2020 15:53 US88579Y1010 MMM 3M 0.0035174 172.74 USD 1.21532 0.5
18/12/2020 14:30 US88579Y1010 MMM 3M 1.7551961 177.4 USD 1.22461 254.26
22/12/2020 14:35 US88579Y1010 MMM 3M 0.003632 175 USD 1.2223 0.52

I replied below hope this gonna help

Does this new feature only work for real accounts or even demo ones? I cannot find the CVS data download in the desktop app. Same thing for the android app, even after the update, I can’t find the download button.

Can exported data have price per share not rounded to 2 decimal digits? E.g.
Platform: 100 shares sold 0.2950/share = total 29.50
export: 100 shares sold 0.30/share = total 29.50

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This thing still not fixed…

Just a thought, but if you think the dividend rate is showing as Net, can you not work out the actual amount for your taxes in the interim?

I need to prove that the 15% was paid, with this CVS file i cant do that as it has mistakes like this …


a CSV file can’t act as proof in the first place. you can edit the values that are wrong to show the correct value, just like had you made the CSV file yourself to record your account history.

“proof” is evidence that the company pays a certain amount, your countries taxation treaty, (which are both public information) and how much you received in comparison to the original amount which is your own record. none of these have a signed document to vouch for them.


Just to bring up the issue of the pdf export as an option along side with the csv, since my eye didn’t catch any response.

Is it possible to have this option available? A pdf export with the T212 info, like a formal document.

Also for the dividend columns, can we name the title net price per share instead of price per share just to be clear that this refers to the net one?

These would help a lot.



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Yes, the PDF document was promised last year!!

I also miss to export the currently portfolio holdings in a CSV or XLS sheet!!

All these features are must havens!

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Me 2. A simple but very useful feature.
A way to do that is copying (copy/paste) from the new beta web app. But it takes some time specially if you have a lot of opened positions.

Please @Team212 add the possibility to export our actual portfolio to an Excel file.


Still don’t understand why T212 shows only net values on their reports, causing confusion and dificulties on everyone’s tax calculations, as well as not including the used Exchange Rate on the dividends received…:

All the info should be easily available on the DBs, simple query change and it’s done… Why make it harder for everyone (and for themselves to keep being asked the same things)?


T212 mentions some work on that: