(New feature) Gifting Stocks

Have a nice idea to be able to gift a friend or loved one a stock.
For birthdays or for Xmas, it would be a nice gift to be able to give someone a particular stock of you’re own choosing.

Not sure how easy it would be to implement this as you may need a friend list or you could generate a redemption code that can be emailed directly.

Tell me what you think!?


It would also be nice to provide an easy way for married or civil partnership spouses to transfer stocks between themselves. For UK taxpayers this can be done without any stamp duty or capital gains tax consequences, but enables a couple to re-balance their holdings from time to time, so that dividend and CGT tax liabilities are incurred in the most efficient way. I know that Interactive Investor and AJ Bell do make this easy. You need only write to say, "Please transfer my shares in Unilever to my partner, whose account with you is … ". They do this for no fee. AJ Bell requires only a simple message. Interactive Investor asks one to complete a stock transfer form (which is easy to do).


This would be definitely great if possible. I have stopped giving presents for various occasions and I prefer to invest in a gift that will hopefully keep on giving. Instead of a PS5 it would be great to gift my son Sony shares instead.