Gift a share to another user for free

Not sure if this is technically possible, as could be considered a secondary marketplace.

Would it be possible to buy a stock, and gift it to a member of family or friends for free?


Fund they’re account and let them buy it? I can’t see stocks and shares gift cards being available any time soon due to money laundering

You can definitely gift shares without any issues.

It’s just that the broker needs to have a system in place to make it possible.

There’s CGT tax to take into consideration. Like there’s nothing to pay for gifting to spouse/civil partner but it becomes their asset to pay any gains on based on the price you paid.

But obviously a good way to maximize the £24,600 between you, if you got a very decent multibag.

Since we’re coming up to Xmas again thought I would bump this thread.

Imagine being able to ‘gift’ a Manchester United fan a share in Man U, or a Ferrari fan boi a share of Ferrari.

Loads of gift options out there on 212!

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This would be awesome, also when people ask me what I want for Chrismas if I can just give them a link to input the amount they want to spend and a choice of stocks they can choose that I like then would be a nice earner for T212, even if they put like a 2% fee or whatever on it I am sure many would welcome it.

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@Dougal1984, I’m a big fan of Warren Buffett, so you could offer me a stock from Berkshire Class A stock. :wink:

Or any class stock of Google (Alphabet). Or even a stock of Amazon. :wink:


You’ll need to wait and see if :santa: Dougal brings you anything this year.


I’ll also take an A Class share in Berkshire. But it looks like RLX has expensive taste by the 3 names mentioned.

However, it looks like the market might be gifting some BABA anyways, depending on your views of course.

But back on topic, it’d be a great idea!


A piece of coal for Christmas? :slight_smile:
I thought that coal as a Christmas gift for bad boys/girls is or will also be banned due the climate change. :slight_smile:

As long as you don’t burn your lump of coal, it’s relatively environmentally friendly and will serve as a good reminder of what could come…

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I bought myself some early presents :innocent: let’s see how we do in a years time.

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