New IPO - Palantir

Will the DPO be today?

Article on Palantir:

If you do not have an FT suscription, you can view it if you search it on Google and open it from there.

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It looks like Palantir is facing some headwinds lately.
What could be the consequences on the upcoming IPO ?
Share your thoughts here :slight_smile:

There’s another thread on Palantir:

The same thing is discussed.

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Thanks :slight_smile:
I’ll have a look right now.

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This still the latest thread for Palantir? Saw an article suggesting DPO on Wednesday?

Any word on if/when this will be added?

It’s been delayed til the 29th

Will Palantir Technologies be added to Trading212 when they get listed to the NYSE on the 29th September?

Oh. Missed that. I literally only just picked up the articles saying 23rd!

Give this guy a subscribe if you are keen on keeping up to date with IPOs;

Will Palantir (PLTR) be available on invest T212 platform and if so when?

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I’ll move this post to a thread that covers Palantir.

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Yes, 29th September is the debut for Palantir (PLTR).
Will it be available on invest T212 platform 28 Sept, the day before ?
Or when will it go live exactly ?

Not sure. With higher profile IPOs recently, 212 have added them the day before so they are ready, but who knows if they’ll do that again.

At the least it’ll be requested on the day and likely added same day.

Time of go live? Again I don’t know as this isn’t an IPO. I’m not sure how Direct Listings operate.

Does this mean we can buy it tomorrow?

At some point yes.

Looks like it was moved tomorrow

its on Trade 212 but not trading yet? says that my buy order is rejected.

says to me that was bought … but is not showing on my investments! #help

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Trading is still “held” on Nasdaq. Not quite yet release for general public.

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