Stock Request (IPO) - Palantir

Please can I check that plans are in place for Trading 212 to feature the “Palantir” IPO?

This is a very popular IPO, and I have also seen many references to this on the community forum.

I would like to be able to purchase stock ASAP on market open on the date of the IPO. Please confirm plans are in place to ensure this is available. Rceently, the “Lemonade” IPO was featured, this what I and many others require for the Palantir IPO.

Please confirm this has been taken up with management, I and many thousands of others will be extremely disappointed if the IPO is not featured.

No better place to put this other then the three other posts on the Palantir IPO of which noone knows the date yet.

How can you plan for something with an infinite timeline.

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You can plan in advance & have systems in place.

There is no reason why a company the size of Trading 212 should not cover all IPO’s, maybe even a dedicated category on the app the IPO’s for the day/week etc.

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They have a system in place. Request the IPO and they add it on the day. Providing IBKR has it.

There’s no way Palantir won’t be available for trading on day one, the pre IPO hype is strong.

Btw even the most rudimentary of searches of the forum would have turned up these answers and saved you losing patience with me.

Cheers mate, not losing patience at all bro.

Just suggesting how they could & should improve the app to keep up with the competition.