New IPOs going live TODAY (10th July)

Looks like it should be. You’re wondering why you can’t trade on it yet, I’m guessing.

Reason is they have yet to price the offering. Once it’s priced it’ll float to the market and you’ll be able to deal.

keep an eye on it. Could be any time this afternoon. Typical time seems to be between 4-5pm but could be earlier.

If anyone sees PTK go live, please let us know here :slight_smile:.

Cheers @Joey_Fantana and @David once again.

@David has Quhuo been added too?

Hi Joe. The Nkata stock tripled before it came on 212.

They’re live now.

I’d take a look at this thread for potential reasons as to why;

Sorry, feel like I’ve typed this out loads recently and can’t face another one. :upside_down_face:


Sorry Joe, maybe have a bit more luck with PTK.

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If it drops today. Possibly delayed.

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Not being snarky here just asking a honest question. Why does it take so long 212 to add the ipos?

Unfortunately as a retail investor you don’t get priority access. That goes to the big boys (and girls).

Think you mean how long it physically takes to add to the platform rather than how long the stock takes to open up to retail investors, right?

The main factor is that 212 get their data from IB. So if the stock isn’t yet set up on IB, 212 can’t extract it to their own platform. I usually check IB when I post these requests… they aren’t always ready even on the scheduled morning. Sometimes they are ready a day or so in advance. It’s down to IB.

But then you factor in David et al’s already busy day and covering all the conversations they are tagged in. They come to this one, they check IB and the stock isn’t there. They go off and get on with their day and need to remember to double back and check again.

God help us if an emergency comes up that they need to cover.

That’s why David asks, and why I do, continue to tag them again and again until they get it done. It’s just a bit much to expect them to monitor IB as well as deal with all our sh*t I suppose.

Bottom line: big workloads to manage. :wink:


On that note @David, ol’ buddy ol’ pal, Quhuo (QH) is now available on IB.

Can you please add if not done already? Thanks

And another bump to emphasise the urgency as this is now priced and live, @David @martin @PeterA


Ok thanks for explaining

Is there a reason ptk acquisitions unavailable to buy?

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This will be because common shares aren’t currently available.

See here;

Thank you for the information

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Please add PTK Acquisition Corp. (PTK). The unit has been split into Common shares and warrant since a while ago in NYSE.

And it has formed a DA with Valens Semi Conductor DA: 05/25/21.
It will soon vote for merger on Tue Sep 28th 10:00am

(Link from SPAC Track)

The Common shares are now trading under
PTK for common share

PTK.W (or PTK-WT) for warrant

It seems PTK acquisition is already shown on your T212 mobile apps since September 2020. How could you find PTK acquisition ?

I just tried using the search word PTK, PTK acquisitions a few minutes ago, still no luck.

What search word are you using to find the stock ?? It seems short after Tue Sep 28, 2021 (e.g the merger voting day), it will be critical as this is normally a good time to buy the dip.