PSTH IPO expected 22 July - (note: common class not available on IBKR as of 22/07)

There she blows…

Next week.


@Joey_Fantana comes good again! Cheers mate!


:pray: please and thanks

@David @Tony.V @L.D @noop @George @AlexK @Martin @Theo and @adm :wink:


@David how straight forward is it to make a newly added stock fractional at the same time? Is this feasible?




I know it’s not essential for us to know @David but if we knew the time and effort it took to: 1. Add new stocks and 2. Make them fractional and 3. Understand T212 short term focus Ie what you’re working on right now, I think firstly a lot of us would be more understanding and have our expectations managed and secondly, help some of us (die hard fans) manage the expectations of others / new users. Maybe not in a reply to this comment but as a new post / thread. Just an idea.

I mean broadly speaking, I know the short term focus is: 1. Adding IPO stocks, 2. Making all existing stocks fractional and 3. Dedicating time to the new Pie + Autoinvest feature.


Given David liked this response I’m guessing I was right on the money ;

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Ahhh interesting, totally missed this post! Cheers @Joey_Fantana!

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Good post! Covered a lot of ground!

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Pershing Square Tontine Holdings, Ltd.

IPO is this week. It’ll be added on the day.

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Pershing Square Tontine Holdings

Add this stock

Read my response to your same request yesterday.

It’s this week right, no necessarily today? Or am I wrong?

This week, yes, but so far no specific date. Just need to check IB daily. Once it appears there David and the guys can add here.

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Sorry to hijack the thread but since we are talking SPACs, would really appreciate if Chanath’s IPOB and IPOC would be added here to T212 too… his IPOA became Virgin Galactic, so yeah

Awesome result on Spaq merger. Can we get pershing square tontine as soon as IPO? Possibly today.


What’s the best source to check for details on this today? Other than this thread :sweat_smile:

@David can it be added now? Are we waiting on IB? :pray:

Still doesn’t look to be up on IB as yet.


Pershing Square Tontine Holdings us going live today. Can you add the stock

3 billion spac stock