New IPOs going live TODAY (9th July)

Good morning @David @Martin @PeterA

The following IPOs are diarised for today;

NYSE:HCD (Harbor Custom Development Inc)
NASDAQ:NKTX (Nkarta Inc)*
NASDAQ:QH (Quhuo Ltd)*
NASDAQ:IVA (Inventiva SA)*
NASDAQ:PSDX (Poseida Therapeutics)*

*please note there are conflicting dates across calendars for these companies and some suggest Friday, however adding today to be on the safe side.




Hi Joe. When will we see the new IPO,S , do we get a notification. Cheers.

Just need to keep checking back here @gus44.

If you tag the following guys, it’ll remind them.

@David @PeterA @Martin - friendly reminder on the above.



Do you have an opinion on which of these will be the most valuable stock to get into?

Cheers Joe. Thanks. I will do.

Not at all I’m afraid. No interest in investing in any of them - I just like to make sure all IPOs are added prior to their go live.

I’d do some quick research on them today to see what industries they serve and their financials if you can find them. Google ‘IPO calendar’ and you’ll see a few options that will tell you how much they are looking to raise - if you look a little deeper, often you can find what the IPO intends to do to their overall market cap.

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@David @PeterA @Martin - markets about to open so somewhat urgent please.




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Need to tag @david @martin @PeterA each time.

David’s instructions.


@David @PeterA @Martin - urgent bump on this please.

@Joey_Fantana :eyes:


@Joey_Fantana Added.

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Why can i not find these IPO,S ON 212.

Cant find these IPO,S Joe. where do i look.

Force close the app and restart your phone. I just had to do the same. Sometimes happens, sometimes doesn’t.

Are they in New to 212 or can i find them in the search bar.

Thanks @David. Guessing the two that weren’t added aren’t on IB yet and likely tomorrow. So will post a new request with Fridays IPOs then.


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Search bar. Don’t always auto land in that category section.

Cheers Joe. Nice one.

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What I’ve done is create my own list called IPOs and add them in there once I’ve found them. Just, so I can track for a while and gauge their performance.