New IPOs going live TODAY (2nd July)

Not sure if it will work, but you can add a limit order and just set the limit higher than the opening price. Hrmmmm :thinking:

I set one for $29.50 in teh hopes of beating the system, ha ha. Why not.

Yeah I did the same lol ha

Only issue though … I can’t see it in my pending order list :confused:

This will be a learning experience for me. Not seen this much heat around an IPO that I’ve been actively monitoring so keen to see if it surges and maintains a higher than launch average.

Now up to $42. Effectively about 38% hike beforer even open. Christ!

Watch Snowflake do the same when it IPOs lol


F*ck, I know.

Will be requesting that as fractional at the same time. :smile:

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I thought they were starting IPO at $29?

Careful of that FOMO, boys and girls.

Steady… steady…!

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That means they’re valued at around 2.5bn now…

how is this possible? how can it increase even before it opens?

Guessing preferential shares are the answer. Institutional, private equity, and preferential shareholders get first dibs and are inflating the price before ordinary shares become available.

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Must be - I’m shocked tbh. Great company, but they aren’t even going to make money for the first 5 years…The CEO’s promise - Not mine.

That’s why I’m just watching, just too high for very little return. It also concerns me with no profit but maintaining a massive wage bill for those at the top.


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Something weird with the charts for sure.

Maybe this is some premarket data thing ? Trading212 user interaction or something ?

Have T212 made an error? Can’t find anywhere online that is saying price is $42…

They pull data from Interactive Brokers, whose data you can’t see unless you are in a trial or are a member. Couldn’t tell you but perhaps they see the pre-live trading and are reflecting.

Thinking $29 is a pipe dream at this point :smile:


Lol I’ve gone past being interested at this point lol.
Just here to watch now. :popcorn::tv: