New IPOs going live TODAY (9th July)

Doesn’t look like any have gone live yet. Once you can see a price you should be good to trade. Unless there is high pre-market activity then you need to wait a bit. Like Lemonade last week. We were waiting a good 15 minutes while institutions completed trading.

Yes i,ve just had a look, not gone live yet. cheers.

HI Joe, are you still getting blank screen on the IPO,S, I,m getting no data screens.

I can’t see them either

Yes. I mentioned in the original post that there was conflicting dates depending on what calendar you looked at (hence why David only added 3 of the 5 requested; not all are available via Interactive Brokers yet).

I suspect today isn’t the day and that they’ll float tomorrow. Would still keep an eye but it’s a bit late on now so suspect tomorrow will be the day.

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Ok, Joe, Thanks for your help.

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