Would love to be able to trade this stock on Trading212!

This is already listed on T212 however there appears to be an issue with the pricing as shows up at $0.00 and you can’t buy any?

Any thoughts @David @Martin @PeterA @Team212? :eyes:

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I have been seeing the tiker for two days but not the prices, I know that I have to change broker …

Are there any issues with this one guys?

@Team212 @David @Martin @PeterA :+1:

Similar issue with AQB, I imagine they’ll activate both at some point today.

Edit: AQB seems to be live now.

GHIV is a space that others trade, but we T212 investors cannot, why is it possible that there is no one who solves the problem of the live?

@Martin @David @PeterA Any chance one of you fine chaps could have a look at this and check it’s not an issue on T212’s end! :+1:

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It’s been 7 days now. Still not able to trade haha. Whats the issue here?