FUSE SPAC - tracking wrong ticker

I’d like to buy Fusion Acquisition Corp SPAC (FUSE) but T212 is currently tracking the unit price (FUSE-UN), not the stock - and it also seems unavailable to trade…
Can this be fixed please? Don’t want to run into issues later on, as I know T212 doesn’t support trading of SPAC units…

Looks good now? :thinking:

Same problem here. Would you mind to make fuse commons available to trade?


Paging @Joey_Fantana to add it to next week’s SPAC post. Seems the units have split, but this one hasn’t been updated from above yet? :thinking:

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@David @Martin @PeterA @Team212

If you could take a look at this and amend? :pray:

Thanks in advance!

No, T212 is showing the unit price…
The common stock is below $10 (well, it was when it closed last Friday…)

See the above post. It’s been fixed now! :+1: