New stock/ETF/IT requests going forward

Hi @Team212 @David @PeterA @Martin

Now that the dust has settled a bit on the ultra-drop yesterday, can I ask if there are any changes to the way new instrument requests should be handled going forward?

Will these be added on an as-and-when basis or collated into further large bulk dumps?

Many thanks



What is the IT in your title @Joey_Fantana?

Also I would like to know about extended hours and new exchanges from the @Team212 as well! :slight_smile:

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Investment Trusts.

But if we can keep this chain specific to the original query that would be appreciated. At least til the team can provide guidance. Thanks!

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@Joey_Fantana :wave:t2:

There’s gonna be one last bundle before we move on to individual requests & new exchanges. There’s still a little bit left to cover from Xetra & our other EU exchanges. Not much else to do in :us: & :uk:.




I was waiting for the “Global Depository Receipt” stocks from LSE.
Will these be considered?

Also, for future stock requests, would it be possible to create a Google Forms link so that it would be easy for users to create at a single place and also view other pending requests.


Hi @David, should we request the individual UK stocks that we are interested in (and are not yet available on T212) on the community or is the bundle expected to cover all of the remaining stocks?

Edit: Just to point out some examples that I am interested in: Pershing Square Holdings (PSH), Water Intelligence (WATR) and ECR Minerals (ECR). I imagine other users will also have some examples, should we maybe create a thread with a large list to make the next bundle easier?

@EquityInvestor We’ve added everything from AIM that’s available on Interactive Brokers. If there’s something that’s missing from the main market, feel free to request it on the community forum.


Okay, thank you :smiley:

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