New Stock Requests Going Forward

@David @Martin @PeterA @Team212 @Tony.V , good morning.

The successful roll-out of the Pies and Auto Invest functions has sent a ripple of excitement through the community that perhaps there is now a bit more time to dedicate to the long backlog of stock requests.

On one hand you have a lot of the longer-serving members who have patiently waited for their requests on the basis they are long term investments; on the other you have a subset of members who are looking for more recent stocks with short term appreciate to take advantage of. Some of these even get added if the drum is banged loudly enough.

I think the majority of us appreciated the expectation setting that was made months ago that stock requests would largely be put on hold, with the exception of IPOs, while ongoing development projects were focussed on.

With the completion of the above features, would you be so kind as to comment on whether that expectation is the same or soon to be relaxed/reviewed.

I’m sure everyone would appreciate a nice little (or big!) surge of new additions to invigorate the platform, but I certainly don’t want to bang on about it if the furlough of stock-adds is still ongoing.

Would really appreciate an update in this respect if possible.

Many thanks


( I really just want the Cleanspark requests to end…! :wink: )


Second that,

And please sort merger/demergers and voting system.
We want to see share allocations and not a value of initial valuations.
We want to vote on what is happening on companies we partly own.

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Sorry, don’t mean to sound like a d!ck, but can we not turn this into additional requests.

Just want a clear understanding of the stock adds first. Keeping the lines of enquiry clean.

Cheers :+1:t2:

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@David @Martin @PeterA @Team212 @Tony.V @George , just giving this a nudge for a view from you guys please.

@Joey_Fantana We’re working on something that’ll allow us to add a huge bulk of securities all at once, potentially thousands.
Still, for now, the top priority is to have everything available in fractional shares. Once that’s done, hopefully, at the end of next month, we’ll do a big batch of stocks.


Thanks for the clarity @David - appreciate it.

Can’t remember the exact details but something similar was said about adding bulk shares easier in like march/april? something that'll allow us was automated corporate actions as far as I can remember.

Waiting for the shares or fractions that are important for you can be infuriating. The only reason blood is not shooting from my ears is I’ve already capped my investments for this FY :slight_smile:

But scared that if a 190bn company like Prosus NV is neglected for months, may be it won’t be in for further several months? :expressionless:

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Well sadly, only thing that gets added are :rocket: stonks.


Piedmont Lithium (PLL)

Requested 5 days ago and added. Quiet frustrating, in addition to all those super duper 3x TSLA/AAPL ETPs etc.

One requests an profitable business, waits few months. Gotta join the momentum rush. :rocket:


Could you please add these ONE /Juniper Industrial Holdings, Inc. (JIH

This one actually is very worrying, young/new investors are driven into these stocks by FOMO already, and the only judgement they make in their head is “3 x Apple = 3 x faster rich”

I did comment in the same way and had a response from T212 saying they are adding/fractioning “popular” shares first.

In one hand this might be a good approach for T212, god knows how many people will buy 0.2 fractions of a popular stock sell it in 15 days and jump onto some other popular thing.

On the other hand, established investors will take a look at the availability of the “things they look for” and never bother moving any money to T212

2 years ago(may be a bit more) I had a run in with T212 support, who did not know what Berkshire Hathaway is and I was told “most of our users are interested in penny stocks”… Well yeah that is partially true and a good approach if they only consider their existing customer base and they have no interest for attracting new/big customers. :man_shrugging:

When STNE was $15-16 I begged them to get this added, it did not. I had to sell positions worth more than 10K in my SIPP somewhere else to buy STNE at the time. Yes it did still make a good profit but the profits are trapped behind my pension age :slight_smile:


Hello Trading212 team!

Could you please add stock called HVBTF?

Its a necessity, thank you!!