New stocks list

Does anyone know what stocks have been added this week? Is there anyways where all users I the future could be notified in the app of what is going live?


I haven’t seen any new stocks this week or last week

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Off the top of my head:

The team have been pretty scarce lately

They did say there would be no new stocks last week. They worked on making more stocks fractional.

This week there has been a significant CFD outage meaning manual review of all accounts affected.

I think using the above information makes it pretty easy to see why new stocks have been delayed.

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Ok. I didn’t know that. Thanks for the update :+1:t2:

Just a few new IPOs and SPACs added this week;

  • VRM
  • FEAC
  • UCL
  • AZEK

If you search ‘IPOs’ you’ll likely find the request threads from the past week.

Identifying new stocks is a pain.
I’ve started caching T212 universe on a daily basis automatically and storing it.
As we move forward this will allow a simple query to display the difference in the Universe between Date X and Date Y

It’ll be a hacked together job… but it should show “new” additions and I’ll try to make it filterable so you can only display ETFs, or GB isins or Nasdaq stocks… whatever you wish

Give me a few days… I’ve got a few things on
(by which I mean the weather nice and I can not be a@sed)