New user's wish list and comments about the website

All of these comments are intended as constructive positive comments (I’m just a little nervous that they may come across as moans or grumbles). The comments are in no particular order.

I use the website not the phone app (although I have it installed). The comments mostly relate to the website platform. Firstly, have to say that overall, the website is very clean and simple to use. Unlike more sophisticated websites there is a very easy learning curve. However, there are some rather frustrating aspects to the website (obviously just my opinion).

I want to see when dividend Ex dates are. Its an important factor in buy/sell decisions. You need to be able to see dividend ex dates and the dividend amount.

I really don’t like placing a market order when I have no idea what the bid/offer spread is or without getting confirmation of what the execution price will be. Therefore, for me, I simply cannot place market orders I have to place limit orders which is frustrating.

On the portfolio page I want to see what stocks are up/down that day. It would be nice to see how much but at least some up/down indicator that avoids having to go down the whole list clicking on each stock to find out how is doing that day. On most screens there is probably loads of screen real-estate horizontally on the portfolio page that is just blank and completely wasted. There could be an extended portfolio view (just like lists have a couple of view formats) that included additional performance data and indicators.

Should be able to edit orders not just delete and resubmit them.

If you try to set an alert but the price is too far from the current price it will not let you and tells you that it is too far away from the current price. Try to set a limit sell and miss a digit out of the price and it just goes yep I’ll do that straight away even if you are trying to sell at 140 when the current price is 1234 and you meant to set a 1400 limit. Surely if the user is trying to set a limit order you check that a limit buy is below the current price or a limit sell is above the current price if it not you check for confirmation.

There is no way to see a list of pending orders. You have to go down your whole portfolio to see what buy/sell orders you’ve got. There needs to be a way to see all pending orders.

A major frustration is that you can’t edit the watch lists for a stock unless you search. If you are in portfolio or looking at a list (or even looking at the chart) you want to put the stock into/out of lists. If you have a list to monitor buy or sell opportunities you want to add and remove stock all the time. You don’t want to have to keep going back to the search page to do it.

You want to be able to add notes. If you spend ages doing chart analysis or researching the fundamentals of a company you want to be able to save notes which ideally are viewable/accessible from watchlists or the chart.

On the chart it would be great (almost essential) to see on the chart the price levels that you have pending buy and sell orders; in the same way as you can see alert levels on the chart. Ideally on the panel on the right where you can view pending orders there needs to be a tick box for the panel to show/hide all orders on the chart and ideally a tick box for each order to show/hide that order.

Should be an option to keep a price alert after it has triggered (ie a tick box on the dialogue when setting the alert). Price alerts are often set at support/resistance levels. Those levels don’t disappear after the alert is triggered. The SR level remains. You don’t want continuous alerts but the alert level should remain on the chart (have the option to remain) but be inert (ie not generate further alerts unless reactivated).

Setting an alert in the chart isn’t the most difficult thing but it’s a little frustrating. The ideal would be you could drag a new alert (or an existing one) to the level you want. A much more minor request would be that when the dialogue box is open to set the alert it automatically sets the edit field on opening (at the moment you have to click ADD “+”, then click on the alert level before you can edit it). Then once you have specified the level you have to go from keyboard to mouse to click “Set price alert”. It would be simpler if you could just press enter. Also, keyboard shortcuts would also help – so instead of 3 mouse clicks and having to go from mouse to keyboard to mouse you could just do Alt A (as an example), type the alert level and press enter. The existing interface is a pain because you can’t click “+”, leave the mouse pointer where it is (over the “+”), edit the alert and submit the alert and click to add another.

Also continuing on from the comments about setting alerts. The UI doesn’t like the “.” character/key. Click “+” to create a new alert and type “.7” and it ignores the “.” and just puts 7 so you have to go back to the mouse, move the cursor to before the “7” and re-press the “.”. It also does this in the buy/sell dialogue boxes as well.

It’s rather frustrating that the app has some functionality that the website doesn’t. For example, get an alert notification on the app and you can click it and see the stock. Get a notification on the website and you can’t.

It is bonkers that the app and the website have completely separate and different Communities. Who thought this would be a good idea? Obviously I am assuming that there isn’t a good reason to stop app users and website users talking to each other and sharing info…. To show how silly it is. Imagine I’m at my desk looking at trades but want to read something on the app communities. If I look at Trading212 on my phone it will log me out of my computer. Imagine I then see a comment that I want to respond to with something from my desktop. I may have to log back in on my computer. Get the info/screenshot and have to send it to my mobile so that I can then go back on my phone, go to the post, get the info I sent from my computer and then I’ll have to log back into my account on my computer.

Probably lots of other comments but those are some initial thoughts



Amazing feedback! Thank you so much for taking the time to compile this list. We share your frustration on many of the issues you’re referring to. Some of them are already on on our roadmap. Some are not, but will be evaluated and potentially included.

I want to also address your comment on the web app having less features than the mobile app. We are totally committed and actively working on achieving feature parity between our web and mobile experiences.


What workaround would you propose for this. AFAIK T212 gets the prices (LTP = last trade price) from Bloomberg in real-time. But even this cannot guarantee the price of execution of your order.
The only thing I know is that in Vanguard you can pay additionally per order to get a guaranteed execution price. I don’t believe that’s applicable to stocks.

Really looking forward to the much needed iPad update. It feels such a poor relation to all the other versions nowadays. Hopefully it’s still scheduled for some time this year…?


Absolutely. We have our sights set on achieving total feature parity between the Web and iPad apps by the end of the year.

I’ll keep you posted on the developments.

I don’t know what options T212 have but it isn’t good placing market orders essentially blind. I can’t even see the bid/offer spread on T212 to gauge what the likely execution price is going to be. On other trading platforms I can at least see bid/offer and some will give me a quote before execution. As a user I simply give my view and feedback and I’d hope that there are then people who are looking at the best solutions that can be delivered to the users

Brilliant and thank you for taking so much trouble. I agree with all you have written. Your points would make Trading212 far more user friendly.

Daily / weekly volume and range would also be helpful indicative figures in the app. An average trade time to execution on 212 also useful, but potentially difficult as you would only want to count open market hours, and it’s adding lots of extra variables to maintain. Saves us checking the exchange data though if accurate.

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For me even placing limit orders haven’t always worked either. Had a tiny limit order placed late this week and the offer price was met for a few minutes with multiple trades going through and my order wasn’t executed. The price then went up and the limit order expired at the end of the day.

It will of course depend on the stock and how actively traded / liquid it is. I’ve placed other orders without issue.

The LTP for me doesn’t resemble the actual traded price at all in many stocks I have been watching and can get very frustrating - Lots of false alerts and prices shown that haven’t actually traded so needs to be used with caution (I end up setting alerts further away in some cases to avoid this but that isn’t fullproof either).

The more liquid / main market the stock the more true the prices tend to be and the spreads tend to be tighter too so I’m more comfortable on using the Market Price then. Elsewhere I will use limit orders only.

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