Youtube Channel Showing Portfolio + Dividend Tracking!

Hi all,

Thought I would drop a link to my channel, showing my portfolio and spreadsheets etc… Q1 2020 what a wild ride!

I hope the dividends are coming in thick and fast for you as well, stay safe Channel link,

Thanks all,


Well a bunch of mine have been cancelled :cry:

Oh no really. Just Ford and Boeing for me - Only small positions though so not concered.

Have you had any with substantial positions cancelled? Do you plan to ride it out?


Lol let’s see… We have:

Airbus, Barratt Developments, Boeing, British Land, Centrica, Ford, HSBC, Lloyds, Occidental Petroleum.

Yeah some of those are significant positions, but other holdings make it well diversified. And I hold alot of ETFs. Just going to buy more when I can lol. Especially the banks I think. They have an artificial suspension by the Bank of England, not because they can’t payout.

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That’s tough! I’m sure everything will work out though. Just three ETFs for me VUSA,VUKE and VHYL!

Whats everyone thoughts on the new Browser add-on ? Kind of like an emulator for the app I think.

Would be nice to be able to see all the info on each company like in the mobile app. Also really excited about the upcoming PIEs!

It will be very nice to section off certain stocks eg. Growth vs Dividend all under one roof - especially since I now have my ISA finally.


Hi Sean,

Nice videos, and good to see you investing in public, letting everyone else benefit as well. I’ve started a company to track and publicly share your portfolio, and make it easier for other people to follow, which I thought would be a good fit for you. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help get you onboard.

I have signed up to have a look! Thanks. Might I suggest being able to input the average price paid along with today’s date.

Most of the shares have been bought at different times. Rather than adding them all, it makes sense to just input total shares and average price.

I have my own spreadsheet that also tracks dividends. Does your site not do this currently?


Thanks for signing up!
Good point on the average price when you sign up. Once you’ve added what you already have, hopefully adding new transactions will be less of a pain. (You can also email what you want to have added and I can do it for you if that’s easier).

Noted on the dividend tracking, that is a feature I’m looking to add soon.

Hey great videos on the dividends, i do have to ask why choose HSBC? To me it seems the HSBC share prices were not performing that great even before the pandemic started, even if you include the dividend pay, it still does not cover the negative return on your investment.

Buy low sell high. Past performance is not indicative of future performance. Lower the price, higher the risk, greater the return.


I only have a very small position - I will not likely add much - probably just the dividend and loose change here and there.

As nickspacemonkey says - its a bit of risk that could pay off. I certainly will not be building the position to a large amount.

Mid April update! Managed to move a fair few positions over into the ISA as they went into the green! Also managed to move GSK this morning.

Im expecting another drop but getting as many as possible over into the ISA is nice so quickly.

Update, also showing passive income traker - with the help of Trading212 I have managed £80 $100 a month average passive income since January.

Very pleased with that! Excited to see see what a full year on this journey will bring. Thanks

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Are the dividends added automatically?

Hi, yes they are now!
I just added that feature this week, thank you for reminding me to post that here :grin:

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Very nice video and explanations.

Can you share the excel table, if possible ? I want to create a similar for my own.


Ive PM you. Thank you.

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Nice shout out for the FinKi API in that video, cheers @Seanyc5

“works flawlessly” :upside_down_face:


(ok, yeah, I’m ignoring the fact the site fell over for a while on Wednesday due to heavy traffic!!)


Haha, worked flawless until that point lol. I do have 3 companies saying “no data found” today.

Not seen that come up before.

US00123Q1040 - AGNC Investment
US2546871060 - Disney
US74348T1025 - Prospect Capital

Nothing has changed my end and all the other are ok.


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