Newbie general selling question

Hi everyone so I’m new to trading in general and this app. I seen there is a tab on the sell page to set it as a minimum so if I was to do this does it mean that once it hits that amount it will automatically sell it for me rather than me constantly staring at the page to see it fluctuate all day giving me a heart attack? Lol. Also I did try it today but the amount of shares I said and a minimum it kept saying can’t do it as 95% of funds so I done about 80% of shares as still kept saying the same thing anyone know what I’m doing wrong? Thank you!

I guess you are in the CFD, not in invest. As a newbie in this I wouldn’t recommend you to start on CFD. Better to learn more and gain experience

Regarding the difference between CFD and investing you can see in their website and YouTube videos as well.

Hi Victor thanks for your reply, I’m using the invest one

For example this part

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My apologies, I didn’t read it properly. Indeed, those limit, stop and stop-limit can assist as you said. You can read here about it:

Besides you can set the expiration either as “end of the day” or “GTC” (good till cancelled). So it can be automated somehow…

due to price fluctuations you cannot make a single transaction with more than 95% of your free funds, which is why it is stopping you. its being worked on however to allow for full funds investing via fractional shares according to a fund balance rather than share count.

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Thanks Victor & Dao for the replies :slight_smile: I’ve attached a sample of my free funds and used less than the 95% and still getting the message does anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

if you have any other orders placed that have not completed yet, you need to subtract that amount from your free funds to calculate the new range and 95% of that.

I don’t have anything pending though…