NFT Investing/Trading


How much are you selling this NFT for?

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11 Etherum 2.0s (don’t want any more gas) and a ZK rollmop please.

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Would you swap the ZK rollmop for a Vileda Supermop? I’ll throw in the bucket and water extractor-mabob

A quick Google (doing my DD) confirms… I would not. But I might consider IKEA roll mops, but only the ones in brine.


Why not using other blockchains that support NFTs, that have lower costs?

I know the ETH is the big gorilla in the jungle, but there are already cheaper and quicker blockchains that allows NFTs.

For example:

Polkadot’s isn’t live. Solana just can’t be trusted. Cardano’s NFT marketplace isn’t ready. Tezos isn’t on OpenSea yet. Hive is too complex and empty. Wax you need ‘Wax’ tokens which I’ve literally never heard of until now.

So it’s back to OpenSea and Ethereum!

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And Avalanche? It also natively supports NFTs.

Algorand is other blockchain with NFT capability.

I’ve been looking at Algorand’s as well but it seems to be a similar issue as Wax. I’m looking at AlgoGems which seems to have the requirement to own a token called ‘Gems’. Though I just found a site called Pinata which might do the trick.

I’ll check out Avalanche too, thanks!

I’m just really trying to avoid any site which requires the use of some obscure token. That’s my main concern and reasoning for sticking with the popular Ethereum based sites.

Think DOTs launched there’s last week. Saw an announcement. Think they called it statemint.

It also becomes infinitely easier now Parachains are live.

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I see this one requires Kusama tokens

This one is not launched yet and seems to be extremely delayed

I’ll keep digging a bit. I’m trying to find a market place which at least uses more mainstream tokens. The hunt continues.

An infographic about NFTs Platforms:

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Has anyone explored the low gas fees on Polygon network?

Polygon Network NFT

I have tried on Binance, not much variety as creators are restricted and not fully peer-to-peer.

Used Polygon network for other transactions as it is negligible on gas fees.
Not yet tried NFT on polygon.

From my experience, I would suggest not to believe everything you read on social media, instead get involved in crypto communities in order to share ideas and hear advice. Having a group of people who’ve already been there, done that, is really useful, especially when you’re starting out.

There are a lot of scammers so don’t forget to double-check the details of any people/companies that approach you. That way you will avoid being a victim of fraud.

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