NIO GONE? what's happened to Nio?

What has happened to Nio not showing in search or stocks list?

Full list of the affected securities:

Amarin Corporation Plc
Anpac Biomedical Scienc
Agora Inc
Ascendis Pharma a/s
Autohome Inc
Avadel Pharmaceuticals
Best Inc
Baidu Inc Spon
Bilibili Incsponsored
Burning Rock Biotech Ltd
Banco Santander Mexico
Cia De Minas Buenaventur
Baozun Incspn
Canaan Inc.
Chunghwa Telecom Ltspon
Criteo Saspon
Dada Nexus Ltd
Endava Plc Spon
Douyu International Hold
New Oriental Educatiosp
Enel Americas Sa
Enel Chile Sa
Fanhua Incsponsored
Foresight Autonomoussp
Futu Holdings Ltd
Greentree Hospitality Gr
Gravity Co Ltdsponsored
Gsx Techedu Inc
Genetron Holdings Ltd
Gw Pharmaceuticals
Hdfc Bank Ltd
Himax Technologies Inc
Huya Inc
Chipmos Technologies Inc
Iqiyi Inc
Jdcom Inc
Jiayin Group Inc
9f Inc.
Jinkosolar Holding Co
Jumia Technologies Ag
Kitov Pharma Ltd
Lizhi Inc
Luckin Coffee Inc
Latam Airlines Groupsp
Lexinfintech Holdings L
Mogu Inc
Momo Incspon
Materialise Nv
Puxin Ltd
Nice Ltd Spon
Nio Inc
Niu Technologiesspons
Netease Inc
Oneconnect Financial Techno
Onesmart International
Opera Ltd
Orchard Therapeutics Plc
Pinduoduo Inc
Pintec Technology Holdings L
Qudian Incspon
360 Finance Inc
Qiwi Plcsponsored
Qutoutiao Inc
Redhill Biopharma Ltdsp
Ruhnn Holding Ltd
Sea Ltd
Silicon Motion Technol
Sogou Inc
Tal Education Group
Tripcom Group Ltd
Teva Pharmaceuticalsp
Talend Sa
Tencent Music Entertainm
Trinity Biotech Plcspon
Trivago Nv
Taiwan Semiconductorsp
Ucloudlink Group Inc
United Microelectronsp
Uxin Ltd
Vipshop Holdings Ltd
Weibo Corpspon
Wipro Ltd
Wns Holdings Ltd
Wanda Sports Group Co Lt
Xunlei Ltd
Yunji Inc
Zai Lab Ltd
Zto Express Cayman Inc

Not happy about this at all. Bought Nio when it was $13 a share. Will now have to sell my shares and re-buy at higher current price of $19+ per share in my invest account. Lost gains through no fault of my own. This is completely unfair…

Is there any way that Trading212 can compensate us for lost gains on this stock given the loss could have been avoided if Trading212 had not added the stock in error?

Not sure that is what they are saying. They are saying they won’t seize any profits. All you have to do is close out your position before 01/09.
It is a pain though, agree. I too will have to close NIO out.

So if you sell at 19$ and re buy on invest at 19$ how did you lose your gains?


The problem is if I buy at $19 now and it goes down then I have lost.

The gain I made was from $13 to $19. That’s my understanding…

Also with invest account I am open to tax where in the ISA account I was not. So there is potential for loss of profit through tax when I sell in that account as well.

That’s how I understood the impact of this. But please let me know if I’ve got the wrong end of the stick…

Only thing you lose is future tax savings, i don’t think t212 is asking you to reimburse HMRC for lost taxes from your $13 -> $19 increase. Also your gainz percentages will look smaller on the invest account but you can offset that in your head with simple arithmetic.

You only lose a slight amount from selling/buying. If you feel that strongly about it you should petition t212 to sell and rebuy delisted stock automatically at no fee incurred. Not sure what else can they offer.

You are not losing anything. See it as securing your profit early. If next week the share price would go down from $19 to $10, you won’t have any profit at all.

Profit is only profit if you have sold your shares. Until that moment it is just virtual profit.


Exactly. There should be no losses.

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I think another point of view is they all got saved by him.
HMRC does not forget nor forgive. You could’ve realised your ISAs for the last 15 years have been broken in year 2035 and you’ll need to backdata pay tax on that.

There is no loss, except may be minuscule movements if they want to buy it again somewhere else and there is a price difference.

I think people are just aware that this is T212s fault, and being a bit opportunistic, hoping for some sort of compensation without realising this is something that happened a lot of times, and there are well documented procedures to follow.

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I wouldn’t bet my money on that conclusion tho.

Would rather say, uneducated or easy to get invested nowdays. :slight_smile: democratisation they say :us:

They said last night they’ll be no compensation.



Please elaborate…

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Elaborate on “they said they’ll be no compensation” ??? I think that says it all. Search for Davids update some time last night.

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How dare you ask somebody to use search button?! Instead it is expected that you spend extra 30 seconds of your life finding answer and delivering on gold platter.


Very helpful, thanks.

Can I please ask why these stocks are not ISA compliant? What is the criteria for UK compliant ISA stocks?


‘Security’ means any loan stock or similar security of a company whether secured or unsecured. Qualifying securities may therefore include:

  • loans
  • loan stocks (whether secured or not)
  • sebentures
  • Eurobonds

Managers may hold securities in registered or bearer form.

Securities (as defined above) other than securities in an investment trust, are qualifying investments if:

  • they have been issued by a company that is incorporated anywhere in the world
  • they satisfy at least one of the following conditions:
    • the securities are listed on the official list of a recognised stock exchange
    • the shares in the company issuing the securities are so listed
    • the company issuing the securities is a 75% subsidiary of a company whose shares are so listed, or from 1 July 2015
    • the securities are admitted to trading on a recognised stock exchange in the EEA
    • the shares in the company issuing the securities are so admitted to trading
    • the company issuing the securities is a 75% subsidiary of a company whose shares are so admitted to trading