Nio - long swap


Swap long on NIO has increased 3 fold since Thursday, is this in relation to margin change if not/yes is this temporary as this is ridiculous!

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Bump- margin increased yet rates are higher. Can team answer please

Same is the case for Tesla as well … I have seen big increase in interest charges after 24th november … I raised a query and I was just given a formula back in answer showing how the interest rates are calculated …

I am also curious to know how the interest charges have doubled … the increased margin requirement is not effective yet, as per notification it is going to get into effect starting 1-Dec 2:30pm UK time.

Very strange. We are taking more risk and covering more of the cost yet rate has been increased

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Yes, this is the compounded issue which not enough people are talking about.

The cost of my interest per day is eroding my free funds x 2/3 amount now. If this is not corrected I will need to close all positions as it’s becoming pointless to keep them open.

Feels as though that’s the idea.

Cool then, everyone will leave :sunglasses:

Do we have anyone from trading212, who can explain this interest calculations. If this is an issue or its all correct ?

Seems like a strategic play- but I won’t be hanging around to pass on hundreds of pounds every week.

Can you share the formula please? I’m really interested to see it.

I’m hoping it explains how the SHORT POSITION SWAP and LONG POSITION SWAP figures under “Instrument details” are calculated. I suspect it’ll just show how those figures are used to calculate the daily fee. :crossed_fingers: