NNDM for ISA please

Can NNDM be added onto the ISA accounts please.


I think NNDM is not eligible to be held in an Isa due to HMRC rules, unfortunately.

Oh ok whats the reasoning do you know?

Status of the ‘Parent’
Search for my rantings on ISA compliance on this forum if interested.


Just had a quick read. Dam no wonder nio isnt in the ISA either.

Ha! Just found another broker allowing NNDM into their ISA.

It is not compliant.

Such a farce that nobody polices this. Breaching HMRC rules and potentially losing your ISA Manager status is no joke. It materially affects your business and your PR.

(Ps. FinKi has a solution. :shushing_face: #ad)


Lol well as long as we dont make over 12300 from our invest were tax free so could use the invest for companies not listed since my profits dont exceed 12300 on the invest.