No CFD long positions

Is this limit on CFD trading a long term strategy or only temporary?
When I first noticed it I was in response to extraneous market conditions but it seems it’s still in effect months later?
The maximum longs for SQ has been 0 for example for a long time now.


Do you have enough funds in our CFD account? If you don’t have enough funds to go long for quantity 1 then it looks clear to me. I can enter a quantity.

Restrictions have been added unfortunately, not lifted. It’s very frustrating.

CFD allows the quantity to be added, however when you try to execute the order its denied. Staff posted a list of stocks prevented from Long positions 9 days ago and SQ was included (please see below).

If you are able to execute the order i’m unsure if this is due to locations of customers.

ISIN Full Name
AU000000TLS2 Telstra
CA05156X8843 Aurora Cannabis :de:
CA05156X8843 Aurora Cannabis :canada:
CA05156X8843 Aurora Cannabis :us:
CA0585861085 Ballard Power Systems
CA82509L1076 Shopify
DE0007472060 Wirecard
DE000BAY0017 Bayer
ES0177542018 IAG
GB0001500809 Tullow Oil
GB0006215205 National Express
GB0007980591 BP PLC
GB0008706128 Lloyds
GB0008847096 Tesco
GB0009895292 AstraZeneca
GB0030913577 BritishTelecom
GB0031215220 Carnival
GB00B03MLX29 Shell
GB00B15FWH70 Cineworld Group
GB00B1FW5029 Hochschild Mining
GB00B1KJJ408 Whitbread
GB00B3MBS747 Ocado Group
GB00B63H8491 Rolls-Royce
GB00B7KR2P84 easyJet
GB00BD3VDH82 VivoPower International
GB00BD6GN030 Virgin Money
GB00BMX64W89 Saga
GB00BN7CG237 Aston Martin
JE00B5TT1872 Centamin
JE00BG6L7297 boohoo
KYG5223X1007 Kaixin Auto
KYG6463T1067 Newborn Acquisition
KYG875721634 Tencent Holdings Ltd
KYG8990D1253 TPG Pace Beneficial Finance
KYG9830T1067 Xiaomi Corp
LR0008862868 Royal Caribbean Cruises
NL0012969182 Adyen NV
US0038301067 Abraxas Petroleum
US00507V1098 Activision Blizzard
US0079031078 AMD
US01609W1027 Alibaba
US02079K1079 Alphabet
US0231351067 Amazon
US02376R1023 American Airlines
US0378331005 Apple
US04351G1013 Ascena Retail
US0865161014 Best Buy Co.
US08862E1091 Beyond Meat
US09058V1035 BioCryst Pharmaceuticals
US09062X1037 Biogen
US09075V1026 BioNTech
US09354A1007 Blink Charging
US0970231058 Boeing
US1248301004 CBL & Associates
US12559C1036 CIIG
US18978W1099 CM Life Sciences
US19188J3005 Cocrystal Pharma
US1920101060 Codiak Biosciences
US2473617023 Delta Air Lines
US25400W1027 Digital Turbine
US2546871060 Disney
US2561631068 DocuSign
US25809K1051 DoorDash
US30303M1027 Facebook
US31188V1008 Fastly
US33813J1060 Fisker
US3443281098 Foley Trasimene Acquisition
US35952H6018 FuelCell Energy
US35953D1046 fuboTV
US36467W1099 GameStop
US3647601083 Gap
US3696041033 General Electric
US37519D1072 GigCapital3
US38268T1034 GoPro
US42806J1060 Hertz
US4491091074 Hyliion Holdings
US45166V1061 Ideanomics
US51476X1054 Landcadia Holdings II
US5393192027 Lixte Biotechnology
US54951L1098 Luckin Coffee
US5801351017 McDonalds
US5949181045 Microsoft
US60770K1079 Moderna
US62914V1061 NIO Inc
US64110L1061 Netflix
US67066G1040 Nvidia
US6742151086 Oasis Petroleum
US69608A1088 Palantir
US70450Y1038 PayPal
US70614W1009 Peloton Interactive
US7081601061 J.C. Penney
US7170811035 Pfizer
US72919P2020 Plug Power
US74347X8314 ProShares UltraPro QQQ
US7475251036 Qualcomm
US75886F1075 Regeneron Pharmaceuticals
US77543R1023 Roku Inc
US79466L3024 Salesforce
US83088V1026 Slack
US8334451098 Snowflake
US8522341036 Square
US85254C3051 Stage Stores
US87105M1027 Switchback Energy Acquisition
US87663X1028 Tattooed Chef
US88160R1014 Tesla
US91332U1016 Unity Software
US92766K1060 Virgin Galactic
US98138J2069 Workhorse
US98422D1054 XPeng
US98954M2008 Zillow
US98980L1017 Zoom

HUYA is also included above.

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If Wirecard is on that list then that means too many people are long on Wirecard… Wtf? Who are these people?

Interesting to see Luckin Coffee and Hertz on that list too. Name and shame these people.

Thanks for the list that’s helpful, have they given a timeframe or is this permanent?

Defeats the point of listing or pretending to offer them really, I’d moved over from eToro for a greater range of assets but it feels like there’s an ever growing ‘no trade’ list

Fools and their money,

But why even list the asset? It shouldn’t be for 212 to say if it’s a poor trading choice

It’s not so much to do with a poor trading choice (although it really is!!). It’s T212 practicing risk management for their own finances as too many people were making cash off certain assets. Which is fair enough from a business perspective, but for us customers, it renders the CFD platform unusable IMO.

Agreed it’s not practical to plan a trade, entry, stop and TP only to find it’s unavailable.

You get what you pay for I suppose (ignoring spreads obviously)

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The opposite of you get what you pay for! We are paying a lot but gettint a little :smiley:

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Ugh just tried to place a long on AAPL and got knocked back.
There are some pretty low volatility stocks on that list…

You’re right it’s commission free but the spreads make it deceptively expensive - now we’re also blocked placing long trades that in their eyes have a high probability of generating a return -
Sorry 212 but this is unworkable.

It’s not me, it’s you.


All very true! The overnight holding fees add up as well.

I wouldn’t mind paying for a premium service with a monthly fee to t212 if it meant I had access to 1:5 leverage again without restraint and the interest and spreads back the way they were a few weeks ago. It could be a way to keep the customers happy and the business secure.

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I didn’t mind the holdings and spreads because you know what you are paying for and can factor that in - the random disabling of assets I can’t work with.
If they U-turned on this I’d happily stay.

eToro still give me 5:1 and reliability so although their platform looks like it was designed in the 90s, I’ve just started selling positions to move over.

Have a happy new year by the way!

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Good to know about eToro.

Yeah likewise, it’s the random disabling and changes that bug me!

Happy new year also.