Not a great first experience

Hi All,

Having just registered with Trading 212 I proceeded to making a deposit. Out of the three available options I choose to make a Visa Debt payment (just to get me going). The process was going smoothly until the point I was asked to press the button to proceed (after having gone through the visa verification and bank authorization).

Unfortunately the button which needed to be pressed was off the bounds of the window and without a scrollbar I was unable to select it.

My only option was to cancel the payment using the cancel link in the top-right corner.

I’m using the latest version of Fire Fox so they can not blame the issue on an old browser - it is simply a shoddy front end and lack of testing.

In the mean time I have tried a direct transfer, I’m guessing there is a 2-3 working day delay on that as the monies transferred has yet to show up :frowning:

THEN! - I proceeded to use their Contact form to notify them of the issue and the contact form does not work! It just sits there spinning after selecting SEND. Really?

This doesn’t inspire me with confidence going forward! Pretty shoddy as a first experience of Trading 212.

are you using Windows 10 by any chance, if so this may be helpful:

Also does your mouse not have a scroll wheel, that may work too?


Hi Col1948,

Thank you for the response. I am on Windows 10 but this is not a hidden scrollbar issue. I tried the scroll wheel and cursor keys and clicking around. I’m also a very experienced windows user.

Also, this was not in a Windows Store App this was in the latest version of Firefox Web Browser.

One thing I haven’t tried is maximizing the browser BUT I should need to as I run at a high resolution on large monitors and my browser window is already adequately sized for the many websites I use including others that also use the Visa verification system.

This is simply a UI issue with the web front end.

I just tried it again to make sure I wasn’t being silly, it happens. Even with the Browser window maximized it still does not work as the window with the Visa verification information actually shrinks smaller than its content. It does have a hidden scrollbar but only for the text.

The message says ‘When you’re done just confirm below’ BUT YOU CAN’T because there is no button or controls of any kind below. The only option is to cancel.

Oh right, I use my PC for T212 because I can’t stand using phones for things like this.
I am on Chrome if that makes a difference, plus I’m a bit old fashioned, on this PC I am on Windows 7, I have a laptop with W10 on but I am not keen on it.
I too have a large monitor, lods of room to for opening extra files etc.

I have no idea of your problem, but from personal experience when sometimes there is issues like that zooming out in the browsers sometimes reveals the button. But I agree, needs to be fixed. I guess it’s just hard to pick up on these faults when PC on Firefox is probably a bit mod a niche of usage

I’ve been on websites and can’t do certain functions and get told to use a different browser, sometimes it works other times it’s Google searching lol.
Sometimes it’s a check box either checked on unchecked.
Someone may come who used FF and will help.

As a Software Engineer - there simply is no excuse! The main functions of this service is transferring money and buying stocks. It has already failed on transferring money. It should have been well tested and Firefox is not niche.

…Then there is their lack of 2FA on the web site! Yes, I know they have just introduced it for mobiles but that’s a fat load of good if you can access the web site with only a password.


Screenshots are helpful.

It’s usually done within a few hours if it is a working day (Monday to Friday), during working hours.

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Dude , 2fa works on web. You just need to download mobile app to enable account wide. Then on next login to web it will request 2fa…

They will add “enable” part to web in future. But 2fa works fine on web with current release.

Maybe you could post some screenshots of what happens? I use FF exclusively (It isn’t niche) also and I have never encountered the issue you are describing. Although I registered back in 2018 when it was abit different.

Edit: P.S. everyone should be using FF.

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Thank you for that information. I was basing my ‘incorrect’ assumption of another thread which said it was implemented on mobile but pending on the web site. I will give it a go :slight_smile: Thank you.

Authorization was requested and approved in the mobile app also sufficient time was allowed in case of generic network latency issues.

Looking at the rather poor snapshot of the dialog box. The embedded VISA frame is truncated but can be scrolled with the scroll wheel on the mouse this is how you access the ‘Cancel’ link above the VISA logo.

There is nothing in this frame below the date.

Under this is a blank area - I assume the ‘Just Confirm Below’ message is referring to a button that should be there.

I’ve tried this process with a maximized browser and the dialog box actually shrinks to this size even though the previous step was a larger dialog box.

The VISA verification process works for other merchant sites as I had actually used it earlier that same day on another website, same browser.

Broken Visa Verification

I would just point out, as a software engineer with many years of experience dealing with payment systems (physical card terminals and online, among others), the 3d secure page (verified by visa/mastercard securecode, etc.) is nothing to do with the merchant and they have absolutely zero control of it, how it looks, or its size - your bank (or someone they contract it out to) hosts that authorisation page and once the authorisation is complete, redirect back to the merchant.

Believe me when I say there are many idiosyncrasies when it comes to 3d secure, and as each bank handles their authorisation differently (SMS, banking app message, password challenge, the list goes on) it is no wonder that sometimes it goes a bit wonky. Unfortunately there is almost nothing you can do as the merchant if the process breaks down on the 3d secure page, because as the merchant you send the user to 3d secure and all you can do is wait for them to “come back” from 3d secure back into your payment flow.

Also personally, I also use Firefox with Trading 212 and have never had a problem. You could also try the instant bank deposit (depending on bank support), which uses open banking and doesn’t have the delay that the “traditional” bank transfer did.

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Thank you for the response BenP. I’m also a software engineer, not in payment systems though but I have experience of many other systems. I fully understand there will be idiosyncrasies to deal with here. Idiosyncrasies have existed in every system I have ever worked on.

The embedded frame obviously is being manged by a remote service and out of control of Trading 212 but I would assume Trading 212 must be waiting on a response to proceed. In which case I’d expect perhaps a disabled button below the VISA frame which will become enabled and selectable once approval has completed.

VISA do not provide the merchant navigation UI but they must provide messaging to reflect the status of the transaction otherwise how does the merchant know it was successful and that they can proceed?

Like I say, I made a VISA payment to different merchant same day in the same instance of the FF browser with no issues.

Maybe I’m just miss-understanding the UI and I should have just hit the BACK arrow at the top? It’s not clear.

Another possibility is that this is because this is a newly registered Trading 212 account. Having just opened the app on my phone it told me verification was not complete and required an upload of a recent utility bill. If this is the case then (A) the web site was incorrect to tell me I was verified and good to go after ‘completing’ online registration, (B) it should not have been prompting me to make a deposit, ( C ) It should not have even displayed the deposit methods let alone take me to the VISA payment system.

As it is, I’m still not sure what is going on here and apparently I now need to wait another 72hrs for verification after having already been told I was verified during the original sign-up and having deposited money via a direct transfer (which went through this morning).

Not as smooth a process as I expected but I have faith it will all be sorted.

Well I can say the complete opposite, I have deposited money via Google pay and direct transfer with Monzo bank both were seamless and instant the funds were showing in my 212 account in seconds.


That’s good to know. Unfortunately I do not use Google Pay.

I think the direct transfer delay was because of the weekend as it went in first thing this morning (I don’t understand why an automated system is held up by working vs non working days).

yeah must have been a weekend thing, but not sure

Just reading this thread, what does your bank statement say?