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Hi, I’m new and I don’t know if I have the verified account or I need to send any documents, and how can I help?

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Hi traders how can I set my phone to display my position cheers guys

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Hi traders all is good at least you got back to me
Can you guys show me how do I set my phone to display my position.

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I opened a demo trading account.
How do i get the chart full on screen?
Also i put a few buy and sell bids out and several time the margin jumped back to the full amount. I checked really carefully everything was set correctly. Why does this happen???

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Hello 212 team,I need your help.I tried couple of times to send the address prove document and it wasn’t accepted. I sent bank statement of my bank account confirmation which have my address in it in English.(im from Isreal so the default language is Hebrew).i saw that you can send a bill to your address confirmation but im 18 years old and i dont have any bills on my name right now and even if i had they will be in Hebrew.
can you please help me and explain me what can i do,i been trying to open my account for a lot of time and i really need your help!!


Hello, I’m thinking of buying 100 Inchcape shares which could provide shareholder perks if I can obtain a letter of confirmation from the ‘nominee account executive’. Is trading212 able to provide this information? Thanks.

Can you please assist me.? I am. Unable to make a withdrawal even thou my account is in £2000 (green). On the withdrawal screen its displaying zero however on the account pie chart I have free funds displayed.

Many thanks.

Hi Tony,
Could you pls advise how to read each column in the Open Positions view. I am unable to see any info on what they actually mean of how they are calculated. I can assume but i want to be clear of what it is exactly saying (Price, Market Value, Result, Result %)

Hi the bid ask spread subject , i am now aware of stamp duty seems UK like to charge… THE BID ASK SPREAD , how much effect does this have on buying selling ? the numbers are green thus this is the point where you have made your profit and so pocket these , is this the case or is there more than meets the eye ( can you be loosing a lot of your investment funds)unaware of the these differences. Info tells me the bid ask spread is more for smaller traders and not the type of unilever or the bigger instruments. 3 weeks in so still learning ! my favs are fres and poly these seem to be doing rather well at the moment for now. i ask the above because i seem to of lost £300 some where… thanks steve

Hi, I wrote you an email last week and i do not recieve answer yet. How is it possible that i bough an action lower than the price that has now, and the profit is negative? there is not exchange rate in the transaction