Not able to buy NIO on CFD

Hello @David @Martin

I’m not able to buy NIO shares on CFD. I had this issue since last week but it still hasn’t been fixed.

It is not a bug, the limit on many instruments on CFD has been reduced to 0 at the same time with adjusting margins. It is all part of T212 recent actions.

@David could you please let us buy NIO?

@david can you please let us buy a stock… i cant buy nothing for a week now and enough free money


Buy it on invest, also much less risk. Better to put more money into Invest than risk losing via leverage!

@Snake The stock market has been quite one-directional recently and given that CFDs are leveraged, there are limits to our exposure. This is not permanent, of course.

Nonetheless, you can still buy real stocks without any limits and with no trading costs whatsoever with our Invest service.

@David why is there a 1:2 leverage for IPOs?

I would assume because lots of people want in on IPOs and usually all in the same direction that it would fall into the same risk management issue as the older, more popular positions that saw leverage adjustments to limit exposure.


How is there no trading costs? There is a spread difference that we pay for and the fx fees.

Leverage dropped to 1:2 but can’t open a position because market is going one way? The spreads almost a $1 difference also. Should just turn it off altogether

With NIOs price dropping taking a dip everyday on the bell and the only option T212 have available is to short, is this not market going one way?

He’s talking about the invest side, there is no spread difference that 212 impose - only spread that exists is the spread naturally existing in the market.

He does clearly state it but there is a fee and fx fees

invest has neither fee nor fx fee is exactly what David is saying…

Small fee but that’s just one of many

I can only see the Stamp Duty on AML.

Not correct. Brokers add on their own spread to the naturally existing spread as a form of commission to help them make cash.

Only in CFD. Invest and ISA use raw market spread.

Yes this is true. I assumed we were talking about CFD looking at the title of this post!

That was at the begining, but as usual the discussion changed over time :smirk:

“He’s talking about the invest side, there is no spread difference that 212 impose”

Be careful with your text selection in future … :slight_smile: