Oil Brent expiring 31 March 2020

Hi Can someone explain me whats mean Expiring date for stock? What is gonna happen after expire date? Thanks

@Junioropl84 Futures contract trade within a certain timeframe. Once that timeframe’s over (the expiration date’s reached) the contract expires & is no longer available for trading. However, there’s always another contract to take its place.

Once the expiration date’s reached (31 March 2020), your position will be automatically rolled over to the next futures contract, e.g. Brent XX April 2020. However, if you don’t your position to be rolled over, you can disable the feature via “settings” -> “trading preferences”.

You can check this video out if you’re interested in learning more about commodities:

Hi thanks for your answer but I am still not sure what this is mean for me if I buy this stock, what is happen to my stock after expire date? I am not able to sell it anymore? Would I lose my money?


Your positions will be rolled over, with an adjustment to reflect the price difference between the previous and the next contract, so your result will not change because of that and you will still be able to close it as you would’ve been able to on the previous contract.

Please note that you are not buying a stock, you are purchasing a futures contract tied to the commodity.

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