Why are major indices expiring on 19th June 2020? Are they going to disappear after that date?

I can see the indices have rolled over but I do not understand why it says they are expiring? Also, if they have been transferred to futures, where can I actually find this as I cannot seem to find this in the menu list? Thank you in advance!

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See Where have the major indices gone? (CFD)

Thanks for replying!

Yes I did check that out before posting this question but I cannot see anywhere about the expiration date and what that means? Would you know what happens after the expiration date?

Future contracts have an expiration date. They will rollover in the new futures. See

It will be rolled to the next contract with the same profit/loss. So basically nothing different.

Okay got it now. Do they normally expire every month or longer than that?

Also, I’m assuming the differences will be minimal between the 2 contracts? Is it possible to purchase the next contract now, ie July expiry?


@CirensOC The difference is usually minimal.
Technically, we could add them. However, they’re not like Oil since there’s not a new contract every month but rather every 3 months. Logically, the volume is highly concentrated, usually +95% in a single contract, which makes the other ones highly illiquid -> very large spreads.
This is an example of NASDAQ:

No worries, David that makes perfect sense. And like you say it’s not like oil.

Thanks again.