On chart buy/sell, buy limit and sell limit order

can we have on chart buy/sell, buy limit and sell limit order? it is not really convenience that we have to right clickon the chart and open the detail order page and place the order. this will miss the entry point.

and can we have one click close feature as well? like on MT4.


Hello @angryolk. You can have similar one-click features on the web platform by tweaking your trading preferences in the settings menu, enabling “one-click trading” and “one-click position closing”. Regarding the on-chart limit entry, we think that using the detailed trade box gives you better accuracy and control over your limit orders and their parameters, so we will not be adding that feature anytime soon.

Hi @PeterA,
I am also interested to see the on-chart limit orders. If you say you will not add on-chart limit order entry, maybe you can consider adding only the on-chart limit order display, which is very useful when you follow the current price comparing to your limit order, directly on the chart. Now you have to kind of look up (where is the chart) and down (where is your pending limit orders). I understand your point that by entering the orders using the trade box is more accurate, however for following the price fluctuation vs your limit order would be much easier directly on the chart.
Thank you for considering the suggestion.