One-click position closing

Hi there,
I activated the “One-click position closing” option but I can’t see any cross-like button in my positions tab.
I have the cross in my orders tab though.
So I can cancel orders in 1 click but can’t sell my positions in 1 click.
I’m using the web platform with an invest account and my browser is Edge 10 so you know.
Any ideas what I’m doing wrong ?

I’m replying to myself :smiley: (might help someone one day)
The feature in not available for Invest accounts only for CFD accounts.
Doesn’t make much sense but that’s the way it is for now.

That’s correct - the feature impacts only the CFD accounts. The tool in question will appear differently in the new redesigned web interface, which we’re about to release soon. :v:

Hi @Tony.V
Thanks for your reply.
You’re giving me the opportunity to ask you another question. I’ve notived that a bunch of useful features aren’t available for Invest accounts:

  • Reports
  • Preferred trading mode (aggr./hedg.)
  • 1 click opening (instant buy)
  • 1 click closing (instant sell)

Are you planning to make those available for Invest accounts on your new platform ?
That would be much appreciated.
Thanks :slight_smile: