Open Banking / bank transfer deposits

I read today FreeTrade are launching opening banking API to facilitate bank transfer deposit / withdrawals.

Is this on the horizon for T212, if so, when?

Many thanks

Actually, we launched instant bank deposits via Open Banking on Tuesday, but only to a small % of users. So far the feature is very stable. We’re increasing distribution slowly.


@George is this PSD2? Will it support European banks also?

Can I have whatever the Trading212 engineering team is on?

You are seriously productive :clap:

Is your connection also via TrueLayer?


Yes, it is PSD2. We are starting with support for UK banks and will expand to Germany after 1-2 months. We will post more details once we release the feature to everyone.

dayum, you guys are on a roll! good job :clap:

i was looking for an alternative broker today (read side chick :P) to buy into some Ark and BG funds in this dip, but no one looks as tempting as T212. can you guys please bring these funds onto the investing platform asap, i’m sure oyu’ll find a lot of takers :sob:

can you pls add AMEX so I can get some points why trying to make some money ?? :zipper_mouth_face: