Open positions and currency


Is there a way to show a currency in the open positions dialog? As far as I can see, this is the only place where I can see the details of my portfolio, right?

And the number don’t compute, if you don’t know exactly which currency the instrument is in. It is explained here as well: Open positions tab

My suggestion is to include the currency in the price column, so that it is evident, that the 26.2994 is in GBP, because it otherwise doesn’t add up.

Also, I found out, that by right clicking, I can bring up the details of the instrument, which is nice! I suppose this should be the default hover operation or at least, the overlay buttons that are currently “Buy more” and “Sell” should include “Position history” and “Open chart”

I see that the new interface ( has addressed the last point - usability of checking existing investments (open positions). And also, that the currency is displayed with my investment.

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