Open position result confuses me - βœ… Solved

Why is the result in the screenshot negative?

Both buy and sell are somewhere at 624 while the stock was bought for 620, so what information am I missing here?

Foreign exchange rates. Your account is Swiss francs, so check USDCHF rates. US dollar is very weak at the moment, so it results in big changes since the moment you opened your position.


Ah thanks! I didn’t even see the option to choose my currency when opening and now I am stuck with it. Can I somehow make it show the result in the stock’s currency instead/besides CHF?

I would love to see trading212 offering multi-currency deposits instead of doing automatic conversion everywhere

They are working on it. If you use the Android app, you can already see it: Investment Return Breakdown

iOS will follow this week. And I guess it will be visible on web version too soon.