Options for China exposure?

Hey hoping to parasite off folks who’ve already looked into this.

With the addition of BGCG that seems like a good option but the ongoing fees being very high ~1% and the current high premium im not sure.

Are there any particularly good etfs for China? The market there seems a bit confusing with the various classes and what can be traded on t212 (especially isa) vs what can be in funds/etfs

So yeah if anyones already had a bit of a look at this mind sharing what you went with/your shortlist of funds/etfs?

Just wanting to narrow things down a bit from typing “china” into the t212 search bar :sweat_smile:


Hi @Tefal - for China I am considering ICHN - iShares MSCI China (not sure the name is correct).

If you have not done so already, I would recommend searching for a few China / Asia Pac funds and review their holdings. You may wish to cherry pick and create your own pie. Note: Not all Chinese stocks are valid for ISA.

you can look at this pie I made for get some ideas…
i am glad if you can share your opinion about this as well



I have seen you have Tencent Holdings (TCEHY) on your pie>
Is it under Trading 212 or you have it on anther platform. I am asking because I could only find Tencent Music Entertainement (TME). I could not find Tencent Holdings (TCEHY). Any info will be very much appreciated.

You might want to have a closer look at Nano Dimension (NNDM). This stock has received high rating by analysts. Also, it is part of ARK Invest Portfolio

Another one is DouYu (DOYU). It is also in ARK Invest Portfolio. But good to notice that since recently they started selling part of their holding.

Like any other Chinese stocks, you cannot have it under ISA Investment, so for this you will have hold it under General Invest .


I’ve added both tencent holdings and music on trading 212, although tencent holding it’s a recent add, before it wasn’t available for pie investment…

thanks for the suggestions… I will look into them

Yeah this is why I’m looking at funds an etfs.

I’m only using isa atm

Sorry Nano Dimension is israel, not chinese Stock. But it is only availbale on Trading212 Invest and can not be held on S&S ISA.

What do you think about Fidelity China?

I know nothing about this, other than it’s a lovely looking chart.

I just found that Best Inc is highly rated by many analysts with a lot of upside potential.

This is just one examples

But if you search there are a lof of other analysts have rated it very hight for this stock.

It is a penny stock so there must be a lot of noise from daily traders. What do you think guy ?

Nice Chart, Keep up trending. Not enough analysts covering this stock.

It is currently falling below the up-trending line, so it might still fall again in the next resistance level. I might want to buy when they fall into the strong resistance level at around GBX355.

Concern here is that, there are frequent insider trading though. Also like many chinese stocks the finance/accounting is not open for public scrutiny. But that is the risk you will need to undertake and been taken into account. when buying stock like this.

thanks for the suggestion… I will look into this one

I have a small holding of this, I think for ISA investors its a good option for Chinese exposure as lots of single stocks are not available to buy. Currently in the period I have owned it it underperformed S&P slightly but thats mostly due to recent Alibaba dip which is their biggest holding last I checked.

This is a really great chart. I wish there is option to copy someone’s chart is coming soooon

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thanks…i am waiting too for this feature…

I have found this post very helpful. Sharing to help someone else :slight_smile: