ETF with chinese stocks

Hey there,
I’m wondering what’s the best way to invest in Chinese companies (listed in HK) since HK Exchange is not available in T212.
What’s the ETF, available in T212, with the most exposure to Tencent, Xiaomi among others?


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HSBC MSCi China is on 212 - I haven’t checked the holdings but would imagine it covers the bases.

A bit out there (and more expensive to hold) but Scottish Mortgage Trust has Tencent and Baba on its top ten holdings.

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I’m pretty heavy into VFEM although it includes more than just China.

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I always liked EMIM better then VFEM because it has South Korea in it iirc.


Also has a lower fee:

Not alot of data to go on with the Vanguard acc fund:

But the lower expense might just be enough to make me switch. Good excuse to get it into a pie also I guess lol.

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have slipped EMIM into my Trial pie with a 6% weight. currently looking at an average 11.4% returns for my portfolio from the previous 5-years data. but that has 20% in AstraZeneca and 25% in Realty Income Corp

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Created a pie with 10 of the most popular and getting just over 24% yearly return. With a modest £25 a week added into it over 10 years It is returning a very promising result