Order Book Depth

Can this be somehow implemented. It would be great to see where the orders are sitting before deciding where to set the limit price in the investing account.
Seeing the orders is key to price information and whether or not I should buy at a certain price.
I know IBKR have this…so T212 in theory should have access to the data?


I cannot imagine L2 data not being in the pipeline some day down the line, if T212 wants to continue growing, exponentially.

Does IB charge additional for the data? out of interest

IB charge. All brokers charge. Webull are giving it away for free for 3 months for US equities and will only charge $4.99 for level 2 afterwards with level 1 remaining free forever. I use webull to decide when to place a trade on T212.

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Can’t argue with $5.

Cheapest I’ve seen for LSE data, last I checked, was perhaps LSE itself or ADVFN, at least £25 a month

IB have it on their tiered plan which is 10.00 per month, or commissions if higher.
I would gladly pay T212 5-10 per month for top quality data such as this. The CFD space is overcrowded nowadays, that for T212 to grow, they should focus on stocks and bonds etc etc. They are much slicker to deal with than IB…but also lack the data that IB have access to.

Can anyone from T212 reply and let us know if L2 data is in the pipeline.
Being able to see the book and depth is key. I feel like I’m buying blind otherwise.

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That’s a real shame. Other brokers are pulling away in terms of market data.
Instead, we get pies and auto invest :roll_eyes:

Well I think t212 see the current cfd gambling trend as unsustainable but excellent as a spring board to finance the more sustainable investment side