Real time data and level 2 paid service

Hello ,

For ISA accounts can we please have real time data and level 2 window. Don’t mind if they are paid services like on TradingView.

Also execution speed is often affected at 9:30am when markets open, often resulting is huge losses. Is there a way to make it as fast as LightSpeed or IB. That is to say that can trade be passed directly to market instead of market makers?



All my limit orders have routed directly to market in the past.

Although sticks on SETSsq might have to go through a MM

Are we planning to add these features?

For ISA accounts can we please have:

  1. real time data. Don’t mind if they are paid services like on TradingView.
  2. level 2 window.
  3. Transfer of SHARES to another provider if needed.

Does Trading 212 earn money from price spreads?
It would be good to see your feature roadmap so i as a customer can make informed choices:


FCA rules place a high-level obligation on firms to ensure that client orders are executed on terms that are most favourable to that client, which is referred to as the “best execution obligation”. So markup on spread and payment for order flow are not legal.

It remains a mystery to me as to how a fractional order for 0.1 share is filled at the same price as a market order for 1 share at the same instant would be filled.

To add to what @Richard.W said in the main website you can find more info and statistics regarding Trading212’s best execution stats.

Definitely +1 for Level 2, improve the app to avoid crushing 90% of the time at the market open and extra hours trading!