Level 2 - anyone use it


Does anyone use level 2 and if so where and how much do you pay.


You can use it for free with Webull. And many other providers.

I’ve only ever seen it for free at webull and Moomoo.

Unfortunately both US.

There’s ADVFN at £48 month


And £44 month from

As a retail trader I can’t justify the almost £44-£48 a month.

I can’t wait for T212 to bring L2 at less than half that and wipe them away.

you can still open an account with email+password without further validation, then use paper trading and activate L2.
3 months for free and I don’t know yet HOW to pay afterwards (1.99/month iirc)

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What is level2? Can someone explain please?

With Google Pay… it’s linked to the Playstore.

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I assume the $1.99 is and just Nasdaq ? Still good so Ill look into that.

Anything for LSE and Euronext?

I think TradingView and IBKR offer also something.

Won’t be Tradingview itself, it does offer to pull through the L2 if you connect it to your US broker that’s on the supported list.