Setting up Take Profit Orders on Stocks/Shares NOT FOREX

Hi guys,

New to all this and always learning!

How do you set up a Take Profit on a particular share/stock please?


On Invest/ISA you can create a SELL limit order(s). Select how many shares to sell and a minimum you want to receive for each share.

Unfortunately it’s not like the CFD interface where you can type in a distance or £ that you want to hit or lose and drag the lines about.

Thank you Phildawson. The only issue with this is that the Sell Limit is limited to a certain range. Not sure why this is the case?

Yes frustratingly it still has that and you have to ask someone like @David nicely and they can remove the distance limitation on limit.

I’m not sure why it hasn’t globally been removed :thinking: :man_shrugging:

As @phildawson pointed out, the limit sell order is the one you can use to replicate the take profit in the CFD account. Bear in mind that the stop loss and take profit in the CFD account are merely stop and limit orders in their core, however, in CFD environment they are attributed to the whole quantity of a position and aim only to terminate it, meaning that they are only used as risk management tools.

The stop and limit orders in the equity accounts could be used both as entry and exit orders, depending on the direction.

If you wish to get the pending order distance for a specific instrument increased, just let us know, and we will get on it. @danielellis13


Cheers @Rumen

I remember a while back this year I think @David mentioned that T212 were going to globally remove all the distance limitations? Is that still the plan for 2021?