Order slider not correctly greyed out under certain conditions

More of a bug report than a feature request I think.

I was fooled into transferring money into my account which I was unable to use for the intended purpose. It’s a minor inconvenience for me but depending on circumstance could be very frustrating for somebody.

Under some conditions, the slider for number of shares when creating an order is not greyed out, despite the user not being able to buy that share.

Example / Reproduction instructions

I had a small amount of free cash in that ISA account. Less than the minimum purchase for LSE:KOD @ 1000 shares minimum. The slider shows as active at this point, so it looks like I am allowed to buy more and that the only problem is that I don’t have enough cash to place an order.
After funding my account I go to place an order and I see that the slider is now fully disabled and greyed out.

It turns out I own more than the maximum position LSE:KOD in my ISA account, so I am unable to purchase more of that share in that account regardless of funds. There is no indication of this other than the slider being disabled AFTER I funded the account with cash specifically for that trade. It should be clear to the user at all times, if they have exceeded the maximum position for a given instrument and will not be able to buy more shares, regardless of whether they have any cash in the account.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention and describing the case in detail :pray:

We’ll check if we can put a clear indication of when the position size for a particular instrument has been reached or what the remaining quantity is until the limit.