Orders for ISA and invest accounts (Day trading)

There have been some great additions the the investing section of T212 recently - the best being the wider range of chart times (5 min, 10 min etc).

The next area that would be great if the team looked at is the orders you have on the stock you own.

Surely an investor should be able to instruct a stop-loss and a take profit on the same batch of shares? The other orders like a trailing stop are also popular and must be looked at too.

Having a better control over our investments would make the platform a much better experience. The orders could even be set by clicking on the area of the chart where you would like them to take effect. It really would be a useful, and essential addition that I would love to see.

Other than that, a smoother and more accurate share price display, especially at market open with immediate executions would be lovely :wink:

Oh, And even if pre-market trading is not available, following pre-market prices (US markets) would be useful.

Thanks for all your hard work


Could I also add another suggestion:

Please stop, or give the user to ability to turn off the background dimming when you are buying or selling shares. If you are watching the charts for price action before executing the order, dimming the screen makes it much harder to see.

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@David tagging T212 staff for this suggestion.

web application is completely being overhauled at the moment, was expected to land at the end of August. Still have a few hours :stuck_out_tongue:

Iā€™d wait for that to be deployed before asking for visual changes imo.