Setting Trailing Stop for Equity/Stocks

Just wondeting how to set a ‘trailing’ stop loss/take profit on T212?
A video would be useful.


I see this topic comes up quite frequently (not least because competitors offer this functionality and so this is a big piece missing from trading 212’s offering).

I would also like to add my vote to implementing trailing stops on invest/isa accounts.


same here! been asking this option for a while! I hope they implement this

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Also very much interested in this.

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I would expect this to be on the list of things to be considered soon.

The CFD platform has it, so I don’t think it would be much of a stretch for them to get it rolling out on Invest/ISA.
I think we may see a lot of new things come out this summer, so keep an eye out :smiley: :eyes:


Incredible that it’s already summer… Due to the whole lockdown epoch I am still stuck in early spring.

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