OTC Expert Market

$ENDP was delisted to OTC last August after filing for Ch11 Bankruptcy/Restructuring. In the past few weeks, it’s now dropped down a tier to the OTC Expert Market. T212 still shows $ENDPQ as tradable, allowing buys and sells, although they never seem to execute (waited 4 days for a buy and a sell, to no avail).

Buying has been disabled on most other brokers (from reading posts by US investors). Anyone here have any knowledge on the OTC Expert Market?

Anyone able to help…?

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Have you tried Googling it?

Not only did I try Googling it, I successfully Googled it. And by “it” I assume you mean “OTC Expert Market”?

Good. So what exactly is your question then I’m a little confused?

I read the article and as you are neither an high-net-worth or sophisticated investor - not judging, you just don’t fall into these categories because you can’t on 212, it’s unlikely you will be allowed to trade on this market.

My guess would be 212 has this classified wrongly on the front end, is submitting the trades on your behalf and IBKR is rejecting as you’re not in the classifications above, thus they never execute.

Thanks, well you’re spot on even if you’re not judging :joy:

To be honest I didn’t get around to asking a question, I was just looking to find someone with some knowedge of the Expert Market tier.

It’s more a worry than a question. Before the delisting to OTC I was (and subsequently still am) holding shares in both an ISA account, and Invest account.

I’ve messaged Support on numerous occasions and each time they’ve suggested the low liquidity is the reason for trades not executing, and have never mentioned IBKR may be rejecting the trades. As a side note, I’m aware of another investor holding the same shares directly with IBKR, and he has successfully had limit sells execute recently.

Your suggestion is exactly the worry I had. If that is in fact the case, then even “IF” volume and SP jumps significantly following the close of the Ch11 bidding for Endo, I won’t have the ability to close my positions.

So, ultimately, I was really just looking for someone with first hand experience of that OTC tier who has some more answers…

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Fair enough. @Bogi.H @B.E @KrisG what’s the official line on this one?

The Expert Market is indeed a tier of the OTC Markets. Our intermediary has access to it, and orders with the stock will be executed should there be liquidity :v:

How are you dealing with the certification part of it M?

Do you fall under Broker-Dealer?

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As a broker, we are not part of the OTC Мarkets’ broker-dealer network.