Overall Pie Dividend Yield

Loving the Pie nyom nyom! best investing feature in the market in my opinion!
Would it be possible to see the overall dividend yield of a created pie somewhere in the future?
I’d like to be able to create Pies with different goals such as high dividend, short term growth etc so having this feature would be very useful.


If there was a dividend yield would it be:
Pie Value/total dividends
Value of Dividend paying stocks/total dividends

If the former, it’s probably best to create a dividend dedicated pie and a growth dedicated pie
If the latter, it may be misleading and confusing, but at least it’s a more useful number I guess.
My opinion would be the former option. I guess it would also be useful to be able to easily multiply the pies value by the yield to see how much to expect


Thanks cavanhagan, yes, I was thinking along the line of Total Pie Value/Total dividends, otherwise in a mixed pie (non paying and dividend paying) the number would be misleading.


Dividend yields (plus any expense ratios) per pie would be a handy feature when deciding upon individual stock weightings. Saves having to punch everything into excel if you are looking for a certain overall portfolio yield, and therfore may want to weight towards particular stocks.

The analytics and visuals are coming along nicely :ok_hand:

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