Online Pie Calculator

Hey folks :wave:

Just sharing a tiny tool that I did for my own usage, but I put it online so maybe it can be useful to someone else :slight_smile:

It’s a very experimental code yet, but you can upload a CSV file with the following columns:
Ticker: The stock symbol
Rating: your personal rating for that stock (1 to 5 as example, 5 meaning the best rating)
Yield: the dividend yield for that stock

The distribution of the stocks will be calculated based on a selected strategy, that has different weights for rating and dividend yield.

The interface is very ugly for now, but I’m focusing on making it work with online data then when I have time I may improve the interface.

Actually it’s open source, so if someone wants to make it beautiful, please any help will be very welcomed :slight_smile:

Let me know if you miss any other type of calculation strategy and if something didn’t worked well.



Really interesting way of looking at it!
Definitely a slider would work better for the calculation strategy. Dividend yield on one side and rating on the other side and you can adjust it towards each side as you like :slight_smile:

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Why not just upload a list of tickers, without rating and yield?

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Sliders are not my best thing :joy:

For dividend yield only it will work like that in a near future… I’m trying to get the data online from somewhere.

In a “far” future I want to add something like “5 years performance”, that also may work only with a list of tickers.

The rating value is personal, so it’s required.


Yes, that is most easy. Just enter a list of tickers you want to add to a pie. Let the tool check the yield online, for example Yahoo Finance. And any other information.

Then return the table with the weight.

Haven’t found such an easy tool online. :slight_smile:

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Give me some days for that :grin:

Finding an API is the hardest thing, the implementation should be fine.

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You could use the native html <input type="range" .., probably the easiest way. This shows basic css to change the style and collecting the new value using the oninput event.

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Yep… good catch :wink:
I will probably use it when I manage to finish the online data part… then the weight distribution between Rating and Dividend Yield can be set like this, instead of multiple options to select.


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The problem is basically the same for all these API providers… the free tiers has very limits requests count… and I’m not willing to pay anything services for now :see_no_evil:

Maybe in future if everything works fine and more people start to use it, but for now it’s OK like this, since probably most people already have these information on their google spreadsheet or apple numbers.

Did you ask @Finki? Maybe that API can help. Will not be that many requests I guess.

Bookmarked for later, don’t have time time or patience to be making CSV files on my phone at work :joy:

Do it in a mobile spreadsheet and then export it :wink:

Actually, I use Apple Numbers a lot on iPhone / iPad.

Google sheets can save directly as CSV, but my fingers aren’t designed for phone screen sized spreadsheets 🤦

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Maybe speak to @Finki about the API

Aww, thanks @Joey_Fantana you’re the best. Buy you a pint some time :wink:

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cough cough

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I did :upside_down_face:
I would like to use something with ticker symbols, to be easy to anyone calculate an existing list of stocks.

I’m close to have a version using yahoo finance :wink:

Aww, Chantal … owe you a {insert drink of choice} too . I just know @Joey_Fantana is a fellow Edinburgh resident. Where as you’re in Netherlands (I think). Pint of Amstel, some weed and some porn coming your way!!!